A Rather Delayed Review of Clean Green Food & Drink Cleanse Part Two


The results are finally IN! If you don’t know what results I’m speaking of, check out part one.

I weighed myself before the start of the cleanse because although I didn’t expect a miracle and I’ve generally never had great results from dieting alone, I obviously was very interested in what the numbers on the scale would have to say after a week of doing the Clean Green Cleanse. As I stated in part one, I was not the strictest with following the portions and I did allow myself a few little cheats here and there because even though it was only a week, a week is long enough to drive a person crazy! So because of that, I did want to add that I snacked on popcorn in the evenings when my cravings were really bad but I made sure the popcorn was butter-free and only very lightly salted. To ensure this I made my own popcorn instead of using the oh-so-convenient prepackaged kind. I also had a piece of dark chocolate with tea if my sweet tooth was getting too out of control. But mostly the smoothies kept those cravings under control because a lot of them were naturally sweet.

And after a week of resisting the urge to weigh myself the scale said……

I had lost 4 pounds! 

I was convinced most of it was water weight and I would certainly gain it back but I was still so excited about those 4 pounds because it was the jump start I was looking for. I also felt less bloated, which as most of you already know, makes such a difference in how you feel and how your pants feel on you. So if you’re feeling extra sluggish, particularly bloated or full, a week of eating clean and green CAN actually make you feel better!

I got so excited about the 4 lbs that I decided to keep up the smoothies if I could. The following week I had between 1 or 2 smoothies a day, either replacing breakfast or lunch or both, and kept eating a ton of veggies and greens with my meals. I also tried to limit the amount of carbs I consumed and always tried to choose healthier options like sweet potatoes which I just looove with all my heart or a piece of my favorite Ezekiel 4:9 bread. By the end of this week I noticed how much more energy I had. I didn’t feel extra tired mid-afternoon and rarely even wanted a second cup of coffee (this part is truly insane for me since I am a huge coffee addict).

The third week, I had to travel a bit and was definitely no longer on a strict diet but still was incorporating a lot of smoothies and greens. It was around this week that I noticed how much my skin had cleared up. Now this I was NOT expecting. I have heard of course that eating clean can do wonders for your skin, energy, and waistline, but as I didn’t really have horrible acne and just the standard monthly flare-ups and small zits near my hairline I thought my skin was as good as it would ever get. It really was such a pleasant surprise that once I realized what was happening, I never wanted to stop eating this way!

Of course, because I stopped being so strict about the diet after the first week was over, and my exercise was very minimal at that time because of a previous injury, I did not lose anymore weight the following two weeks. I did however manage to keep the 4 lbs off! Now I’m back to a regular diet, my smoothie intake is practically non-existent, and I could be making better choices especially at night when my cravings are all over the place…. but the 4 lbs still have not returned. I’m very happy about this and am even considering doing this cleanse again for another week or making it a part of my life sort of like spring cleaning, “jump-starting” my diet with this cleanse once every 3 months or so. It would certainly be easy enough now that I have the hang of it and still have hemp protein left over.

As for whether I would recommend the cleanse? Yes, of course I would! I’ve been telling a lot of people about it. What I wouldn’t recommend though is being super strict about it and following it to every tiniest detail because if I had purchased all those recommended supplements I might be broke right now and because I just don’t think they are all necessary. If you are vegan/vegetarian already then it might be something to look into but that is a personal choice.

Also, you may need to find the supplements that taste the best to you. I am not that picky about my food when I know what I am ingesting is good for me and nourishing. Now if I was cooking a feast for a fun get together or holiday I certainly wouldn’t be using grainy supplements or serving them this type of food. The hemp protein I used was kind of “grassy” and had some grain to it but I didn’t mind and I did feel like the smoothies were a bit more filling when I used it. The Green Superfood I got was in berry flavor so I mostly added this to the smoothies which I was already putting berries in which helped the flavors work well together.


I really liked almost all of the smoothies. The berry ones tended to have a lot of seeds which were a little annoying but to be expected. The ones that had apple and pumpkin added were certainly different but still quite tasty and a nice change up. I also noticed those were a little bit more watery. The only smoothie that I did not care for was the Chocolate Avocado Goddess which used an entire avocado to create a creamy smoothie but for me the texture and taste just did not work and I actually had trouble finishing that one. Most of the recipes did not call for hemp seeds but I usually added a tablespoon or so on top because I wanted to.

I loved the brussel sprout clean green salad and have made it several times since, even tweaking it a little bit here and there and trying new versions by adding kale and different types of dressings. It’s a great fall or even winter salad when delicate greens aren’t exactly in season. The avocado and quinoa salad also quickly became a family favorite. Honestly, writing about the salads and thinking about them is making me want to go make one right now! Maybe I will 🙂

Overall the recipes from this cleanse were great! I loved trying them and started looking forward to making a new recipe the next day. Some were a little weird but if there was something I didn’t care for too much I would just omit it or substitute it with something that was of equal caloric value, and of course with something that went along with the clean green theme. I was never hungry because I made sure to always consume enough even if it was two portions. I do think that if I followed the plan exactly it would be too little food for me and I would have been hungry and cranky and would have ultimately quit the cleanse. Of course this depends on each individual person, their metabolism and appetite, as well as their body type and weight, as all of these affect how many calories you should be consuming so just make sure to be smart and make the best decisions for yourself.

Hope you enjoyed this review of the Clean Green Food & Drink Cleanse! I would love to hear from you and would be more than happy to answer any questions! Thanks for reading 🙂


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