A Rather Delayed Review of Clean Green Food & Drink Cleanse

As I’m sure many can relate, I gorged myself with delicious sweets and overeating during the holidays. The “holidays” continued through January (my birthday month), February (Valentine’s Day, my dad’s birthday), and March (’cause it’s too hard to stop now!). I’m not one to make new year’s resolutions, so don’t even ask me if I kept any! One day in March I found a scale in one of the other bathrooms and weighed myself. No wonder none of my clothes were fitting! Now, I must say that my clothes have not been fitting since last summer because of other reasons, but I always assumed I would naturally go back to fitting into the same pants I have been wearing for years. Looking at that number and knowing my strength building has been quite minimal, I knew the holiday snacking and binge eating was to blame. But seeing that number on the scale made me snap back to reality and realize it was almost April and the holiday season was long gone!

Wanting to do a cleansing diet that wasn’t a complete juice cleanse or starvation diet, I started doing some Google research and came across the Clean Green Food & Drink Cleanse by Candice Kumai. This seemed like a reasonable plan, to substitute breakfast and lunch with smoothies and eat a non-liquified dinner. ‘Cause seriously, I need energy and I need to not be having hunger pains when I’m trying to live and sleep! I really can’t fall asleep when my stomach is grumbling.

If you visit shape.com where I found this cleanse here: 7 Day Clean Green Cleanse you will notice the top comments are not very endearing of the cleanse. A picture is worth a thousand words, and apparently Candice is just too thin? Frankly, I paid those comments no attention. I was not there to judge her appearance or her lifestyle choice or any of that, I just wanted to do exactly what that plan was saying: jump start a new phase of clean eating and jump start my weight loss process. But I didn’t want to do it alone. So I recruited a friend, who I knew wanted to lose some weight as well. He agreed and we made plans to begin the cleanse on the following Monday and track our progress and keep each other motivated via Snapchat, as we live 6 hours away from each other.

Firstly, I must say, the grocery shopping part of preparing for this week of smoothies and clean green meals was intimidating, for my wallet. I never use supplements such as protein powders in my drinks or meals and feel rather uncomfortable using a product which I haven’t studied thoroughly. Because of this, I did not use the exact supplements and additives Candice recommends and substituted appropriately as I saw fit for myself. I’m not sure if following her recommendations to a T would have changed anything, but I really don’t think that it would have. I also split my grocery shopping up into two trips for the week, as I truly detest when spinach begins to rot in the packaging and would rather make an extra grocery trip than deal with that grossness!

I purchased from Amazon three basic supplements: Amazing Grass Green SuperFood in Berry, Nutiva Hemp Protein Powder, and Manitoba Harvest Organic Hemp Hearts . Thank you Amazon Prime.

I used the hemp protein powder when the smoothies called for protein powder, and the Green SuperFood when they were part of the recipe as well. I took an inventory of all the products for the entire week and realized this would suffice and the couple of times the recipes called for something different such as pea protein or spirulina supplementation, I didn’t think it worth it to spend money on those products that I would surely only use a handful of times in my life. I’m not that green….. yet 😉

As for the dinners, I tried very hard to stick to the meal plans and only sometimes made additions such as a lean protein (chicken breast, lean pork) because I still felt hungry. Also because I didn’t realize this whole meal plan was vegetarian at first and I simply don’t do well on vegetarian diets as I found out some years ago. My friend and I agreed that we would have one dinner that we could cheat on and replace with something else as he had already made plans to meet up with a friend for dinner before we decided to start this diet, and I really wanted to puke thinking of consuming the cold cucumber soup listed for Friday’s dinner (ew!). I still however tried to keep the cheat meal quite small, and at least half of it was green leafy veggies.

For drinks, I did allow myself a cup of coffee a day (because I cannot and do not want to live, breathe, think without it), drank lots of water in between meals, and made green tea in the afternoons and after dinner. I would also have one can a day of La Croix, my favorite new drink that has 0% everything! [Thank you to my new friends from Canada that introduced me to this lovely drink!] I just LOVE sparkling water but the hint of natural flavoring in this water is just the best!

Luckily for me, my family was happy to join in on those meals where the serving sizes were intended for 3-4 and my husband was always thrilled to share a smoothie with me. However, I always made sure that I had enough to actually be full, even if that meant I actually had 2 servings, because I am NOT about starving myself!

Now, I bet you are all wondering what the results were? …… to be continued in the next few days 🙂 Aren’t I the worst?!

Read Part Two.


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