Apple Pie Biscuits

It has been a long time since I’ve posted. This is because something in my mind keeps telling me: people don’t care or want to care about the stupid stuff you do on a daily basis! On good days like today, I am reminded that this is for myself, not for others. So enjoy — or don’t! I definitely enjoyed making and eating these biscuits!

I found this recipe randomly on Pinterest and somehow it became the first baking recipe I made since The Left Turn AKA a huge life-changing event that took place in my life. My husband helped me make it and although it was a tad messy, it was easy enough and super tasty!

Since I don’t generally even like biscuits, the fact that I wanted to make these again means they were rather impressive. I have made them a total of three times over the past 5 months and each time they turned out great. Reliability is ever so fantastic in staple recipes. As of last night, this recipe has officially been added to my tested and true recipe book.

The recipe is from Joy the Baker. I didn’t have self-rising flour on hand and I was so happy she included a substitution in her post. I just love it when recipes are written out so well that you don’t doubt what you’re doing. She even included a gluten-free flour substitute. Of course, I didn’t have any Fuji apples so I just used any old apple I had lying around. Most of all I was just so happy that they barely took any time at all to make and were ready right as we finished dinner. They turned out fabulous! They were gone within a day.

Being biscuits, they’re not too sweet so they make a great breakfast, but can also pass for a dessert. I personally prefer mine with a nice hot coffee or tea. Or perhaps a flat white. 

Here is a link to her lovely recipe: Apple Pie Biscuits

Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures of these incredible biscuits. But if you follow the link to Joy’s page, she took plenty!

I hope if you do try these, you enjoy them as much as my family and I did!


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