Flat White What?

Not my picture!

My father recently emailed me an article that I completely did not expect him to share much less spend time reading. It was about the great Flat White. If you don’t know what that is, well then join the club ’cause I seriously had no idea. Sounds like a paint color name or perhaps an arctic tundra.

As soon as I began reading the article which you can read here, I immediately had an eye-opening moment about my own coffee drinking habits. For those of you who couldn’t care less about reading the article but still want to know what a flat white is, it’s pretty much a latte that proportionally has less milk and more espresso than a standard latte. That is exactly what I ask for every time I happen to splurge on buying coffee instead of making my own at home. Well… I usually say something rather puzzling like “is it possible to get a cappuccino just with less foam and more of the actual drink” or “can you make a latte that has more espresso and less milk”. Mostly the barista just stares back at me like why are you being so complicated and stupid. Thank you Starbucks, for recognizing that what I actually want is a legit thing and apparently rather normal in Australia/New Zealand. I knew there was a reason for my strong desire to move to Australia!

Next time I get coffee outside my home I plan on asking for a flat white. If they stare back at me with a blank expression and say they have never heard of such a thing then I most certainly plan on educating them ’cause c’mon — how is this not already a basic coffeehouse staple?! More than likely, however, I’m just going to have to learn to make them at home, and continue saving $4 to $8 every day 😉


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